Grab your machete and get ready for family bonding

Spring is here, and for Oklahomans, that means one thing: the rattlesnake roundup. Yes, every year, cowboys go out into the herd of rattlesnakes they have been taking care of all winter, and get them ready for the summer’s drive to market in Kansas.

Actually, it’s a tradition of a town called Magnum, and if you’re in the area, dear warrior, we strongly suggest you go. Rustlers from all over the area bring in rattlers to be beheaded and skinned before a cheering crowd. And in case you were wondering, yes it is something you can take the whole family to. That makes sense, because the family that kills animals together stays together.

You ate the worm? So what?

Worms, scorpions and other tiny animals are often found at the bottom of liquor bottles. One animal you can cross off that list is the rattlesnake.

A rancher in Texas was recently arrested after he had begun selling bottles of vodka with rattlesnakes inside them. The idea had been pretty profitable for him because he sold it as an “ancient Asian elixir.” Bayou Bob Popplewell was arrested and charged with selling alcohol beverages without a license. It could mean a year in jail and $1,000 fine.

Not only was this man selling booze to people who need a nip, but he managed to incorporate the genocide of rattlesnakes into the process. He should be praised, not arrested. FREE BAYOU BOB!