Congratulations! It’s a tumor!

In Movember-related news, it turns out that men can use home pregnancy tests to find out if they have certain varieties of testicular cancer.

One Ontario man did so for a lark, which is Canadian for “to waste a perfectly good pregnancy test.” When a friend posted the results to Reddit, users suggested he get checked for testicular cancer immediately or, at the very least, get that baby flushed out before it wrecked his pee hole. Sure enough, he had a small tumor on his right testicle, and it was detected early enough to treat immediately.

Please note that the hormone that triggers positive pregnancy test results is not present in all forms of testicular cancer, so don’t forget to get your annual check-up! Sometimes, urinating on a stick is no substitute for a doctor’s loving hands. At least, that’s what it says on our Tijuana medical licenses.