Rudolph’s a drunk

"I'm a shameful reminder of your prenatal substance abuse!"
“I’m a shameful reminder of your 1960s prenatal substance abuse!”

According to the annual fun holiday issue of BMJ (formerly The British Medical Journal), Rudolph’s nose is red due to an abundance of blood cells. And if you ever saw them through thermal imagery equipment, you would even say they glow.

And you know who else has a red nose due to blood cells? Drunks. So, really we should be celebrating that Rudolph managed to carve a niche for himself in polar society and gain meaningful employment in spite of his fetal alcohol syndrome. Isn’t that right, Mrs. Donner?

Fox and facts? Oh, deer

SG is breaking new Internet comedy ground with ROFLDeer (patent pending).It’s already understood that Fox News has a very tenuous grasp on what separates “fact” from “s#@t we’re spitballing on live television.” It’s also common knowledge that they have a Web site that reports this “news,” yet looks like it was built by CNN two years ago.

But, just when you think Fox can’t lower the bar any further, here are some very true, controversial facts about Santa’s reindeer.

Bonus: The article mentions “climate change” and steps to address it, but very carefully avoids implicating human emissions.