Justice … to go

After a month of terror, Britain’s long national nightmare is finally over.

The Fine Dining Dasher has been caught and will finally pay for his grand food larceny!

All told, Janis Nords has amassed 2325 pounds … on three unpaid dinner bills, which according to our American math equals $300 quadrillion. No one is quite sure how he managed to run after a 1000-pound French meal, but it probably lead to his eventual surrender to authorities.

Not so Happy Meal now

The San Francisco city board passed a bill that bans “restaurants from handing out toys with meals that fail to meet basic nutritional standards for fat, calories, and sodium.” The target of the bill is the McDonald’s Happy Meal, which famously lures children in once a week to get the latest plastic movie tie-in.

However, if San Francisco really cared, they’d get rid of McDonald’s Monopoly, which convinces stupid people to eat there every day.

Take it from Snee: Go ahead, make my wish

So, on the drive to work today I heard some shill for the Make a Wish Foundation plugging his product on the Go Fish Radio Network.

(That’s the better morning radio show in Huntsville, AL. Its predecessor was, I kid you not, a show called “Rick and Bubba.” They remixed songs that were popular eight years ago to include annoying southern girls and rooster calls. They were rejected from Huntsville like a microwaved baboon heart transplant.)

You’re probably thinking, “Oh god, you hate the Make a Wish Foundation?”

Short answer: yes.

Long answer: it’s a misguided program that supports the wrong client√®le at the expense of donors. (Long answer continues after the jump.) Continue reading Take it from Snee: Go ahead, make my wish