Prostrate yourselves before we lose him

The actor who played Darth Vader —

No, not James Earl Jones. He was the voice.

The actor who played Darth Vader —

No, that was Sebastian Shaw when he’s unmasked and dies on the Death Star in Jedi. (Spoiler alert.)

Anyway, the actor who played Darth Vader —

No! We’re not going to talk about Hayden Christiansen. Jeeze.

The actor who was the actual guy in the Darth Vader suit (and killed the bejeezus out of Obiwan), David Prowse, has been diagnosed with prostate cancer. He’s in good spirits and using his situation to raise money for the Royal Marsden Hospital in South London where he is receiving treatment.

So, Prowse’s lesson for you young (50-year-old) padawan reading this is that: