Kelso to run for ‘Handsomest Boy in Space’

The latest space-borne threat to the U.S. is nearly upon us: Hollywood Space Madness.

Ashton Kutcher has been approved for space travel on Richard Branson’s first spacecraft, Virgin Galactic. Does Sir Richard not understand the implication of sending a young actor into space, bombarding him with gamma rays and sending him back home to his studio?

We’re talking Joaquin Phoenix times 100 here, people. There aren’t enough late night talk shows to handle that insanity, Craigy Ferguson’s Scottishness notwithstanding.

We can’t recommend joining the club

Have you seen the stewardesses on flights lately? Night flights and sleep masks have never been a better pair of ideas.

You know who else shares that opinion? Richard Branson, owner of Virgin Atlantic Airways. But that’s probably more because the idea has begun to be forced upon him. Of course, you’d have the idea forced upon you too if you lost a bet.

Richard Branson and Tony Fernandes, owner of AirAsia, have recently decided to host F1 racing teams, and in the spirit of competition and being gajillionaires, the two have decided that whoever’s team finishes worst than the other, the owner will work as a stewardess (not a steward, mind you) on the winner’s airline.

We can’t wholeheartedly recommend following suit by taking part in a bet like Branson did, mainly due to we just don’t look that good at all in a dress (though Rick Snee does look absolutely fabulous in a shiny pair of pumps).