Jewish and Muslim people will be the worst cannibals

The future is now, people-and it is tasty. Savory and succulent and tasty. And soon to end.

Robots have identified human flesh as bacon, one of the more delicious parts of the food group.

With this bit of news, we’re not saying that you can run around and call cops “pigs,” only because we don’t have a lot of money to bail you out.

Now, keep this in mind: we’ve created robots that can consume meat for power. We’ve discovered that robots identify our skin as bacon. It’s only inevitable that we will now have to fend off the oncoming robot apocalypse sooner than we think. I’m not suggesting that we become a bunch of Luddites, but it may increase our chances.

Quick, turn off the internet before they can find this message and it’s too late!

Courtesy of Cassie