The academic buying power of the single

The Guys are all former college students from the same hallowed alum. Unfortunately, we know all too well that when you become a former college student, there’s usually a price attached to that-literally. We don’t claim to be from lavish families, and as such, we’re pretty racked with debt owed to our alma mater (I’ll be free in twenty-fifteen).

For the most part, our school wasn’t too expensive, but some places are downright ridiculous. Like, the University of Colorado. Just one semester for an out of state student costs approximately $14, 000. How do we know that? Because Nic Ramos just paid for his.

In single dollar bills.

Ramos claims that it was an action done to raise awareness regarding the ever-increasing cost of tuition. Hey Nic, if you’ve easily got fourteen large, you think you can send a couple sheckles my way?

Anybody got any jaaaail tiiiiime?

Protip: If you’ve got a series of warrants out for your arrest, and you live in a “3 strikes” state, it might be smarter if you didn’t walk off with cheese.

In your pants.

You never know when that pack of Kraft American singles might cost you seven years up the river. None of that for us, thanks. Personally, we’re jailhouse intolerant.