It’s this century’s equivalent of the JFK assassination

We’ve been informing the populace about a much-needed invasion: Sadiya, aka, the Bay of Spiders. We warned the world about the outbreak. We even warned the world about the potential monsters involved.

Now we’re being told it’s a hoax.

“There are no killer spiders in the area” is what’s being tossed around by supposed “experts.”

Both Dr Saikia and Chetia said there was no evidence of any spider species in Assam and the Northeast which could cause human deaths. “There is no evidence of any such spider in the region whose bite could lead to human death,” Dr Saikia said.

Any spider that’s alive is prove against that theory. Because if they could, they would eat you in a heartbeat.

We know our enemy and it is multi-legged

Last week, we told you about the horrifying events transpiring in Sadiya, India. As if a SyFy channel horror movie came to life, an innocent town celebrating a festival saw a swarm of monstrously aggressive spiders invade their residence. People died and the culprit had yet to be determined.

Things have progressed since then.

An elite team of scientists have managed to capture one of the unknown arachnids. While under their constant surveillance, the spider has identified as a tarantula. Or at least, it’s similar to a tarantula. The uniqueness of the venom and their behavior tendencies are throwing off some of the signs.

Whatever the beast is, godspeed to you brave biology nerds. May your determined endeavors uncover a cure in the form of a beautiful plague that can be used on these abominations.

Someone call John Goodman

The scene: Sadiya, a town in India. The mood: terror. The situation: two innocent victims. The perp: terrifyingly deadly spiders.

The villagers were doing nothing antagonistic, simply celebrating a Hindu festival. Cue the swarm. Legion upon legion of eight-legged freaks appeared in the town, casting a web of horror. Scientists aren’t sure yet what could be the exact culprit. It’s guessed that it could be a tarantula, a wishbone or even a funnel-web spider.

Except, neither of those two are native to the area. In fact, there’s been no record of venomous spiders in the area. Ever.

This is clearly an insidious plot created by the animal kingdom. Create a new deadly weapon and test it on an unwitting population. Who are they, the Russians?