MasterChugs Theater: Christmas with the Chugs

I lurve me some Christmas-time.

No, really. For me, it’s not about being super religious or anything like that (after all, I did start my campaign last week on Facebook to “put the Chris in Christmas”). It’s not about attempting to trample over a few kids or a couple parents in order to get the latest and greatest gift for someone, as I can do that any other time of the year (that’s right back to school sales, I’m looking at you). It’s not even about enjoying that bit of cold snap in the air. I may be a fan of cold weather, but living in the mountains of the south is more than enough for me, especially with the local weather as of late (I don’t need 20 degree weather with negative degree wind chill factors, 30 degree weather is more than plenty for me kthnxbye).

For me, Christmas is about the movies that I watch. Continue reading MasterChugs Theater: Christmas with the Chugs

MasterChugs Theater: ‘Santa Claus Conquers the Martians’

Come every year, without fail, around Christmas time, there are three films that I watch. We will go over them this month.

Got your gravity boots on, kids? Get ’em strapped down tight and super-charged, ‘cuz we’re going on a fantastic trip through space, time, and imagination! That’s right, we’ll be visiting amazing sights from Santa’s North Pole Workshop all the way to a fantastic Martian Toy Factory! We’ll see Earth kids meeting with Martian kids! We’ll even see a space-ship journey from Earth to Mars! It’s gonna be a humdinger, I tell ya! Watch out as Santa Claus Conquers the Martians! Continue reading MasterChugs Theater: ‘Santa Claus Conquers the Martians’