Eat My Sports: Sex and the NFL

I really want to write about the Red Sox this week. That old familiar feeling has come creeping around again, and my boys did it in overly dramatic fashion by finishing off the 100-win Angels with a head-first dive into home plate by Jason Bay. However, I don’t want to tempt fate by calling any of the series this week, so we’ll save it for an Eat My Sports: World Series Edition when the time comes, regardless of if it ends up with a worst case scenario for Fox execs by having a Tampa Bay vs. Philadelphia Phillies Fall Classic. For the time being though, Jed Lowrie, you rock, and Bay, just keep on rolling baby. Continue reading Eat My Sports: Sex and the NFL

Winning the battles, losing to the horse

For those of you who had thought you had seen the last of the lead hooker on Sex and the City, your nightmare isn’t over. Apparently Sarah Jessica Parker, who has a close connection to the horse family, has landed a new television show.

Parker’s new venture, “American Artist,” will be picked up by Bravo in the fall. New shows for her movie castmates have not been announced, which we consider good news for men everywhere.

Sarah J. Parker: Sexist

Attention ladies and gentlemen: stop doing whatever it is you are doing (avoiding work) and get ready for the most serious news announcement of the day.

Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband, Inspector Gadget, are upset about Maxim’s poll that declared her the World’s Unsexist Woman.

This blog is shocked that Ms. Parker would balk at such an honor and condone ending women’s suffrage, putting them back in the kitchen and baking pies and babies. It’s self-deprecating women like these that set back the extraordinary achievements of Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Amelia Earhart.

To protest Parker’s sexist attitudes, please send your bras to SeriouslyGuys, P.O. Box 1174, Buffalo, NY 91762.