We ‘dislike’ your face

If you’re anything like us,  you spend a good percentage of your day maintaining your millions of Facebook fans and friends.

Since the days of stalking girls in your sociology class, the entire world has joined in ready to be your friend … until you say something that offends their sensibilities.

So, the next time you get a response from some whiny distant family member or employer about needing a “dislike” button, tell them it’s available as an app, and it’s faaaaantaaaaaaaastic.

How to: Answer the phone

Over the past ten years, human beings have changed the way we socialize with each other, mostly because of technological advances like caller ID, social Web sites and cell phones. At this point, it is rare when we are contacted by a complete, unidentified stranger.

So, what do you do when an unknown phone number pops up on your cell phone? You could screen the call, but where’s the adventure in that? Back in the old days, it could have been a radio contest or even an old fashioned ploy for your credit card number.

Still, when was the last time you were even in a robbery attempt? See? That’s damn exciting!

As a service to your boring Friends-list (notice how it sounds like friendless?) only life, The Guys are bursting your bubble and teaching you how to answer the phone. Continue reading How to: Answer the phone

Floridian swamp land realtors are waiting anxiously

Carnies, your treasure person awaits! Science has officially found the world’s stupidest person-Janella Spears, come on down!

For the Nigerian prince readers, allow me to translate:

Gretings! You ar now reding a stoyr abut a wummun and hir abilty to loose money. Like, a lot fo it. Despite poorly wurded emayls lik tihs artickle, even wons from “Presedent Bush, the Prince of Nigeerea, and Teh direckter of TEH FBI”, she still gave four hundrad thousind dollurs to a scammer. What a rooob.