The bearier side of Sears

Retail has been hit hard in the past decade and malls have been hit even harder, all thanks to the internet (but nothing can replace us, right guys? Guys?). This has caused stores to branch out for their marketing and potentially cater to different demographics. Stores open earlier and close later in order to get all kinds of customers. High-end stores begin trying to get that middle-level market, rather than just the shrinking rich.

But never, ever did we think that a retail company would use our war-time enemies as customers.

How dare you, Sears. We know that you’ve been in some hard times for some time now, but bears? Really? For shame.

Definitely flash mob, not flush mob

The news is kind of like your parents, in that, they don’t always get the terms right when detailing a story to you, but you appreciate the effort just so much. My own mother has spent time asking me how a Ridiculous (Ludacris) concert that I went to was. I’ve even heard some parents of my friends ask them about the “internets” and if they have enough “Gaggles” in their computer.

Another example: a Delaware newspaper has a story about a flash mob marching together into a Philadelphia Sears and running off with tons of merchandise.

Except, it’s not really a flash mob, so much as a conspiratorial group. Yes, they may have all planned it on a social networking site, but a surprise birthday party for a friend of mine was set up on Facebook. That doesn’t exactly mean we’re going to break into a song and dance.

Also, Sears? Really, group of thieves? You couldn’t do anything more high class and less portrait studio-y?