The cost of the war is crippling

We may be winning the war on animals, but it sure is taking its toll on us, financially.

This war has officially transitioned into one of attrition. With our economic times still being lower than they need to be, we need to finish this battle quickly.

Yes to wetsuit, no to Batsuit nipples

We’ve grown accustomed to losing luxuries after a terrorist attack. Spider-Man doesn’t get to spin a web between the World Trade Center towers. The airport smells a bit more “Croc-y,” especially around the security area.

But, how many freedoms are we willing to surrender? Surely some loss will inspire the American people to stand up and say, “Not on my watch, motherf@%ker.”

Will that loss be wetsuit nipples from SeaWorld babes diving into the water with killer whales and then getting out of the pool?

Hasn’t Tilikum killed enough? Must he also drag dad erections down to the bottom of a metaphorical underwater tank by their less metaphorical pubic hair? We cannot allow the whales to win.