Rapper Big Boi addicted to shoes, accessories

It's extra not-Samantha because his ensemble is sports-related.Outkast rapper, Big Boi, is addicted to fashion — in the form of sneakers — and he’s not afraid who knows it! The grown man owns over 400 pairs. He must have some huge walk-in closets!

Mr. Boi and other “sneakerheads” collect rare special edition sneakers, focusing on rare, expensive limited editions, often made of high fashion materials like alligator skin or designed by artists.

Now, before you jump to any comparisons to the Sex in the City gals, let us remind you that these men are collecting sneakers and there’s nothing feminine about that. Nothing at all.

Profiles in Courage: A Warrior on Trial

Joseph Petcka is in court after allegedly killing a cat with his own bare hands.

Sure, a housecat is no mountain ox, but Petcka gets credit for possibly putting his words into action. (You’re all talk, Megan Fox!)

But this isn’t Mr. Petcka’s only brush with danger. He also appeared in a few episodes of Sex in the City, yet managed to escape with his life.

While the trial goes on, Jason Petcka, rest assured that this blog finds you guilty … of living a life truly courageous.

Take it from Snee: Who is Hillary Clinton?

Don’t let that McCain ad in our right-hand margin fool you: SeriouslyGuys is, and always has been, a relatively apolitical site. We don’t endorse candidates because we’re issues-driven. (Those issues, of course, are the wars on animals, aliens and education.) That said, when we write about political candidates in the Scurry section, it’s always in the interest of equal-opportunity offense.

So there’s been some bellyaching from Hillary-supporters. They are upset because Barack Obama gets, as they put it, “far more coverage” in the media. In an attempt to balance the Democratic media-coverage spreadsheet, I’ve decided to provide the Hillary campaign with coverage comparable to Obama’s. (You’re welcome, Mrs. Clinton.)

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