Phillies fans (allegedly) blow

A lifetime of sex in exchange for food, shelter, and babies? ASK.Police arrested 43-year-old Susan Finkelstein for soliciting prostitution (and related misdeamenors) in exchange for World Series tickets.

The Bensalem cops set up the sting after finding her ad on Craigslist, proving that you really can find anything you’re looking for on that site, whether it’s tickets or sex with a “married with children, current Penn grad student in liberal arts and onetime assistant PR director at the University of Pennsylvania.”

When she met the cop in the bar, she reportedly offered to “engage in various sexual acts in return for a ticket,” and when assured he did, “she was willing to up the sexcapades, according to [Bensalem Public Safety Director Fred] Harran.”

“Up the sexcapades?” Really? That’s your quote, public official? … OK.

We’re not endorsing prostitution, but remember, always always always ask if someone’s a cop when offering sex for payment, even if it’s just for dinner and a movie.