PSA: Things to remember when boozing

The Guys are aware that it’s tough to remember things when drinking, which is why God invented underwear and Sharpies. Drunkards, write these down before you go out:

1. Always drink from a clean glass. Minnesota beer salesman and enthusiast (because it’s not a job if it’s a passion) Joe Falkowski would like you to know that some pint glass cleaning methods leave soap residue, which can ruin the taste of your beer. Soap residue prevents suds from getting a good grip, so remember: if your beer leaves streaks, the glass is clean. (Or, basically, the opposite of how you know you’ve wiped enough.)*

2. Never tap a minor, especially as your designated driver. If you’ve had a few and absolutely must get to the store, don’t be a Shawn Weimer. Yes, your kid is probably more sober than you are right now, but that’s not a judgment call on her part. This is still the person who still needs reminders not to climb furniture ladders and finds the latest Adam Sandler releases endlessly hilarious. In short: drunk you equals sober child.

Thank you, and be sure to always drink in numbers, because that’s where safety lies.

*Special thanks to longtime friend of the site, Groonk, for the link!