What are the kids drinking these days?

Yesterday, we brought you news about eyeballing, a new trend with the youngins that involves pouring vodka into your eyes to absorb alcohol faster (really? Why not a vodka IV, kids?), today, we bring you the other big trend sweeping the country’s functional drunks: bros icing bros.

Imagine you are going about your day, when someone you know taps you on the shoulder and hands you a Smirnoff Ice. Before, you would tell them to get that trash out of your face, but now, you have to get down on one knee and chug it, regardless of where you are and the fact that your friends are planning on posting the video on YouTube in an hour.

It’s the latest alcohol-related prank, that apparently got its start with fraternities, and may or may not be a viral marketing campaign from Smirnoff Ice. I think we know what The Guys are going to be doing at our next get-together.