Scientists grow human brains in mice, doom us all

Science is fun and all, but it’s widely accepted that it’s slowly marching us all to the end of civilization. Consider this one step on that march.

Researchers have grown tiny human brains inside of mice, which are known to carry disaease. That’s not us punching up some boring study, they really did it. It’s the first time that scientists have been able to grow a human brain in another species, so, congrats? The researchers, who are deluding themselves, say this is a major breakthrough in stem cell research.

What is really means is that science is that much closer to making animals as smart as us. And when that happens, we’re in for it.

Soylent Green no longer people in Oklahoma

A state bill is on its way through the Oklahoma legislature preventing human fetuses from being used in food. This has resulted in one question by many people: “Why exactly was this needed?”

Senator Ralph Shortey claims to have research that reveals food industry companies having used human stem cells in the creation of items, including artificial flavors. Though it’s not known if anyone outside of Shortey and his group have seen this research, the bill has nonetheless been introduced and awaits discussion from Shortey’s peers. Have no fear, though, as the bills makes no mention of animal fetuses. Connoisseurs of super-veal, you’re still okay.

We would like to pass on something Senator Shortey: if The Guys are not given 100 thousand non-taxable dollars in the next three months, the world will explode. We’re not saying at all that we will cause the world to explode or even do any damage; however, we do have major intel that only we need see to substantiate this claim.

Tastes like chicken … and science

Since 2006, Dutch scientists have been growing pork from pig stem cells, and they are only now letting us in on this awesomeness. Apparently, you can make decent tasting food from stem cells, the only thing is that the texture is off. They say this could one day help win the war against hunger around the world.

But let’s take a step back for a moment. Science wants to use human stem cells under the guise of trying to cure diseases like Michael J. Fox Disease. But really, if pig stem cells can grow pork, who’s to say that human stem cells won’t be used to make human meat to feed the ever-growing masses?

Things went so well last time Pope ran commerce

Possible Slogan: You can't misspell 'euthanasia' without 'youth!'Pope Benedict XVI, a man chosen by God to sit on a golden throne in a palace that makes up its own city that is full of locked-away treasures, is asking business people of the world to ask themselves, “WWJD?”

The Pope calls entrepenuers’ and financiers’ morality into question in his latest encyclical, which is kind of like a homemade newspaper, only translated into Latin when it’s rolled out.

Among the practices he abhors are outsourcing (corporate missionary work), abusing natural resources (tending the plants and animals) and–of course–stem cell research, abortion and euthanasia.

So much for our chain of one-stop fetus- and elderly-killing stations. It doesn’t matter if we unionize (which he did support); Pope still says it’s wrong.