Take it from Snee: The Trial of the 21st Century

I know, not fair using the cable-knit "What are you thinking?" picture.

A number of factors made the O.J. Simpson trial the Trial of the 20th Century. It involved celebrities, like a young, up-and-coming Kato Kaelin. The charges concerned murder most foul. Its protagonists made strong stand-ins for Los Angeles’ and America’s long-simmering racial unrest, particularly after the Rodney King incidents.

But, ultimately, it was about timing. Not only had the nation forgotten about past contenders like the Scopes Monkey Trial, Roe v. Wade and even the recent Lorena Bobbitt and Rodney King trials, but this was 1995. What trial was going to pop-up before 2000 (technically, 2001) and be more compelling than Nordberg knifing of his ex-wife and some waiter?

It is based on these criteria that I’ve evaluated this young century’s court cases, looking for the first Trial of the 21st Century. And, finally, after nine long years of watching nothing but Court TV, I can report that that trial … is upon us: the Sandra Bullock custody battle.

How does it measure up to last century’s winner? Let’s go to the board: Continue reading Take it from Snee: The Trial of the 21st Century