Top that, SeriouslyReaders!

The next time you play “Truth or Dare,” know that there is no way kissing another dude or wearing a diaper through the drive-thru will ever top this.

A naked woman stole a car at 5 am from a guy posting business signs on the side of the highway. Because turnaround is fair play, that guy stole her car.

The guy and the police chased her until she crashed his car into a gate. The police pursued her on foot, but couldn’t grab her because she was too slippery from sweat and blood. She literally slipped through their fingers and stole a cop car.

She crashed that car into a highway berm and sustained flight for 50 feet.

She then ran on foot again, and scaled a barb wire fence before the cops finally tazed her. (And here we thought they pulled those out at the drop of a candy wrapper.)

In other “Truth or Dare” news:
Monaco’s royal family has named at least two princes Albert.

Burning, running and screaming: not ‘subduded’

In our continuing series of telling authority figures how to do their jobs, we now turn our sights onto the men and women who put on badges and protect us every day. Sometimes, they protect us from bad people, and sometimes, those bad people are ourselves.

But sometimes, they’re the police.

Forgetting how cars and gas grills work, police in Australia tased a man who had doused himself in gasoline and was carrying a cigarette lighter. The police successfully subdued him, and by “subdue,” we mean ignite his gasoline, setting him ablaze.

We can only expect this method to become standard, in the vein of forcing smoking kids to smoke entire packs of cigarettes and burning rental cars so that they can’t catch on fire.

Surprisingly enough, it’s not all that shocking

A lawsuit filed in Arizona on April 17 charges Second Life creator Linden Lab and a slew of other individuals for trademark infringement on TASER’s handheld self-defense device.


The big deal in this case, though, is why TASER is suing Linden Lab instead of the content creators. The answer to that, according to the analysis of the official complaint, is because Linden Lab bought XStreet SL a while ago. That means:

…the Lab is no longer mediating transactions between buyers and sellers. Xstreet SL arguably retails on behalf of sellers, and takes a commission. It’s going to be difficult to argue that the Lab/Xstreet SL is not selling these items.


SG’s guess? TASER would most probably rather sue the guys with some actual money (internet space-bucks or not), rather than the actual (penniless) infringers themselves.