The McBournie Minute: 1st txt evr, LOLZ

This is a pretty historic week. I’m not talking about the anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor on Friday, no, I mean historic. Like really important, you guys. Today in 1992, the first text message was sent. And we have been shortening the English language ever since.

It’s pretty amazing that Short Messaging Service, or SMS, as we know it today, has been around so long. Let’s keep in mind that in 1992, car phones were about as common as cell phones. And cell phones themselves were pretty much the Zack Morris ones we think of today, should strap and all.

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“Pick up ur phone LOL”

According to a new study, voice mail is over. If you’re still leaving messages, then you might as well climb back up the tree you came from, you ancient mammalian ancestor that we hold in common with apes. Nowadays, the trend is to call, and if there’s no answer, to then text since they were probably screening your call in the first place.

Breaking Update: Nobody “picks up” the phone to answer it anymore. The Guys officially concede being behind the times and have been sentenced to 10 years on hold with the technical assistance hotline.

The ‘Can you hear me now’ guy is an infidel

Being a refugee is tough, regardless of where you are. Resources are scarce, there’s little or no plan to go along with, and people keep trying to rape your daughters. Luckily, the United Nations is here for you.

If you happen to have fled your Iraqi homeland for Syria to escape the slaughter and civil unrest going on in what was once your neighborhood,  you are now taken care of. All you need is your cell phone so you can receive a text message from the U.N. for a good voucher.

What’s that? You forgot your cell phone when the Shiites ran you out of town, and you would not have paid your bill this month anyway because you have no source of income at the moment, and even if you had, you’re in a different country partially covered in desert so you have no service? Well I guess you should have planned ahead!