Machines know how the scene will end

In the future, machines will ruin movie and TV show plots for us. People who gloat about reading the books that modern entertainment is based on are only are the second worse group on the planet, following ISIS. But what if robots were just as bad?

Researchers at MIT have taught neural networks how to guess how a scene is going to play out based on a still image. They produce videos based on what they think is most likely to happen. They are getting pretty good at it, too. Some 20% of the time, they tricked humans into believing that their videos were the real outcome of the scene. This means that at some point they will be able to call the endings of scene before they happen, because they know how humans thing. Also, one day, the machines will make our most formulaic movies (superhero origin stories, romcoms, Fast and Furious sequels, etc.) for us to keep us complacent and easy to herd.

It will also mean that we can blame bad writing on machines, so that’s good.

MasterChugs Theater: The Value of an Education

Some coworkers of mine and I get together every so often to have Bad Movie Night (henceforth known as BMN), an idea I first heard from Chris Taber some time ago on the Crankcast. To me, it’s a glorious concept: get some friends together, pop on some bad movies, crack open some beers and let rip on the film. Keep in mind that you won’t be watching The Godfather on BMN, but you just might watch The Godfather III. As long as the movie’s not one of those you’d find in the March Mort or Awful April categories, it can still be fun enough. And hey, you get to introduce people to movies they may not have seen!

How can it go wrong?

It can. Oh, it can. Continue reading MasterChugs Theater: The Value of an Education

MasterChugs Theater: So very speedy and angry

Trilogy is the current theme du jour of Hollywood these past 10 years or so. Understandable: by keeping a movie series in three, you can insure that an interested audience will come back to see the sequel, you can allow sequels to be open enough for new patrons and a skilled director can usually pare down the bad from the good, thus preventing the series from needing to run over and over into obscurity.

Hit the jump and allow me to educate you on the movie series that is both fast and furious. And yes, I can sum up all four movies in one review. Continue reading MasterChugs Theater: So very speedy and angry