Jack did not die in vain?

James Cameron — who most recently made us all feel better about ourselves by being aware of the plight of Native Nav’i — has finally heard our complaint about Titanic. No, not why Rose didn’t marry that cool Billy Zane guy after Jack died. That Jack died at all when there was clearly room on that raft for two.

In a recent interview with IGN, Cameron says it’s not an issue of room, but of buoyancy. The video in the link is where he justifies casting Kate Winslet despite her being “Hollywood fat.”

We’ll see what Mythbusters has to say, James. But, The Guys still maintain that an aristocrat pocketing a giant blue diamond when weight is an issue and a poor Irish guy is drowning and freezing … this is the very definition of class warfare.

The McBournie Minute: The one where I care about famous people

Before we begin, I’d like to apologize for the lack of You Missed It last week. I was actually in the process of writing it up when my laptop died. Not like the battery died or it just froze up and I had to reboot. I mean, dead. It’s being sent back to the nice people at Toshiba because it’s under warranty, and for the time being I am on my crappy old laptop, hence forth known as the craptop. Now, on with the show!

As much as I hate the entertainment industry, I can’t avoid it all the time. Sometimes it comes to find me. I guess that’s OK, because I know where to find it, and just because it knocks on my door with its big, hairy fist doesn’t mean I have to answer it. That being said, I’m going to give a run-down of a few Hollywood items that came across my desk which has more or less confirmed my suspicion that I’m not missing out on things I’m missing out on.

Also, I figure I need to try to appeal to more than just my usual demographic, the white male 20-somethings who have a thing for excessive use of punctuation. Here I come, tweens! Continue reading The McBournie Minute: The one where I care about famous people