Allies play ‘long game’ strategy in Germany

The most productive factory workers were able to lay hundreds of these "democracy eggs" a day.
The most productive factory workers were able to lay hundreds of these “democracy eggs” a day.

Back in the 1940s, the world wasn’t sure if German people would ever get back to wearing shorts with suspenders and just being all-around adorable. So, when the Allied powers began strategically bombing the Nazi out of Nazi Germany, they left a couple thousand long-term bombs behind, just in case those old feelings came creeping back.

And that’s why Berlin commuters couldn’t go to work today.

The toilet paper is too damn high!

Unfortunately, as always in life there are goodniks and no-goodniks. More often than not, the no-goodniks tend to cost us more in life, whether it be a financial or intangible expense. No-goodniks, it would seem, have cost the people that use the bathrooms at the New Rochelle train station in New York said bathrooms. Cue puns stating crappy behavior and whatnot.

Obviously, there’s been a bit of an economic crunch over the past couple of years, if you haven’t noticed, and while we’re slowly getting out of it, the emphasis is on slowly. As such, things like repairs tend to cost a fair amount of money, though the city government might say too much money, and the bathrooms are being closed. However, this has angered many (dare I say tens of tens?) patrons who use the restrooms. Coincidentally enough, the bathrooms on the trains themselves haven’t actually been closed.

I can’t understand why someone would actually want to use a public restroom, much less at a train station, but there are apparently those that do. Why would you do such a thing?