Baguetting might be the cause of rising food prices

Tumblr has long billed itself as a blogging platform that’s more adaptable than a traditional blog platform, but with keeping the same feel of a blog. However, it’s really just a mash-up of traditional blogs and Twitter used almost exclusively to host Internet memes. Tumblr sites seem to have the shelf life of tuna salad.

One of the newest photo memes out there is “baguetting.” This means taking a picture of a scene where an object or body part has been substituted for — say it with us — a baguette. This is a thing now, because George Takei, lord of the Internets, has taken part in it.

Starting 2013 off with a whimper, eh, Internet?

Take it from Snee: Lightning Round of Rape Jokes

Daniel Tosh recently issued an apology for what someone quoting somebody else on Tumblr described as comedy word rape. It was probably the best way for Tosh to handle the situation given that nobody wants to even remotely look like they’re defending rape. And if things went down they way the anonymous friend-of-a-friend says, then yeah, apology (his) and scorn (hers) deserved.

However, this isn’t the first time I’ve heard that it’s never acceptable to joke about rape. (The last time I was told this was by a drunk pseudo-lesbian trying to axe kick my head, so you can see how well I learned.) It’s also not the first time I’ve heard that it’s wrong to joke about cancer, AIDS, 9/11, abortion, poverty, drugs, war, spiders or death.

I’ve heard the explanation: it’s wrong to trivialize things that people find morally repugnant. Or, really: it’s wrong to make people laugh about things they find morally repugnant because making them laugh involuntarily is rape. It’s never, of course: people shouldn’t laugh at jokes about morally repugnant things.

Although I think the principal is as admirable as it is misguided, I agree in one regard: I wish painful, terrible topics weren’t fodder for comedy, because that would mean they aren’t problems any more. After all, do you think your average 23rd Century Federation citizen would get jokes about poverty or gender and racial inequality? Not unless they’ve been hanging around Ferengi gree worm farmers. (Yeah, I said it.)

But, here: I’ll let you be the judge. How morally wrong is it to tell these jokes? Continue reading Take it from Snee: Lightning Round of Rape Jokes