Who would Marcia Brady endorse?

U.S. Rep. Don Young, R-Alaska, is in a real pickle. He just accidentally said yes to endorsing two Senate candidates in the same race!

You see, during Hawaii’s U.S. Senate primary, he endorsed Democrat Rep. Mazie Hirono. But, that was only because he didn’t think Linda Lingle, the former Republican governor of Hawaii, would ask him. Don’s a Republican, so it only makes sense to go with Linda, who could very well turn out to be his conservative soulmate. Imagine the bills they’d frame together!

But, he made a promise when he said he’d endorse his Congressional partner, Mazie, to the U.S. Senate, and you can’t break a promise.  Plus, she already bragged to all of her friends in a campaign video that he’s taking her! If only there were a way to let her down easy, maybe by finding a friend to endorse her in his place? Stupid election laws stating that only one candidate can win each senate race.

This is exactly why we almost didn’t let Hawaii and Alaska into the union in 1959. They’re just too immature to get the hang of electoral dating etiquette.

Who says the U.S. Senate can’t agree?

Ask any person what’s wrong with the country, and inevitably they’ll answer, “The Kardashians.” But, if you press harder and say, “Yeah, I know, but really?” Then they’ll say it’s our dysfunctional Congress.

And who can blame them? Almost every Senate vote of the past three years has been threatened with the filibuster, and even when a bill does pass, it only does so by a narrow margin on the basis of party lines. And seriously? Paper visual aids.

But, something amazing happened on the Senate floor Tuesday: not one, but two unanimous votes.

The first was to keep potatoes on public school lunch menus as part of an amendment to the 2012 agriculture spending bill. Co-sponsored by Senators Susan Collins (R-Maine) and Mark Udall (D-Colo.), the amendment prohibits the Agriculture Department from setting “any maximum limits on the serving of vegetables in school meal programs.”

And the other? A 99-0 vote to prevent the Justice Department from selling guns to Mexican drug cartels ever again, which means more for us, yay!

Even Sen. Reid’s metaphors are fruitless, boring

Senate Majority Lead Harry Reid, D-Nev., discontinued his latest run after falling in the street. The impact resulted in a black eye and dislocated shoulder, which opponents believe are unrecoverable, killing any future runs.

Despite his early, hard exit, analysts predict Sen. Reid will still win this race by at least 3,000 votes.

Delaware’s suddenly a sexy state

The biggest election news this past week was the triumph of Tea Party candidate Christine O’Donnell in the Republican primary for one of Delaware’s U.S. Senate seats.

Immediately following her win, Democrats cackled with glee, believing they had locked up the crucial Masturbators Bloc. They based this on statements she made 15 years ago on MTV’s “Sex in the ’90s,” in which she snubbed masturbation as lust, wrong and making your wife’s handjobs seem bush league and amateurish.

But, O’Donnell clarified those statements in a candidate’s forum Thursday night, saying that her “faith has matured” since then, and that she will consider any issues from a constitutional perspective.

So, she either plans to amend the Constitution* to reflect her personal morality, or–after 41 years of being single–she’s finally embraced DIY.

*Speaking of: Hey! It’s Constitution Day!

Just add Petraeus

The U.S. Senate voted unanimously to put Gen. David Petraeus in charge of the “war” in Afghanistan. Petraeus will take over duties performed by his former underling, General Stanley McChyrstal.

This is the second time that the United States Congress has appointed Petraeus to fix a war it neglected to declare, the first being the “war” in Iraq.

Gazing into our SeriouslyCrystal ball, we see the future …. It is 2012 …. War in Afghanistan … still ongoing; however … Petraeus reassigned to … the War on Drugs!

You heard it here first, folks: come 2012, there will be a new sheriff in Drugtown. (Not sure if Iraq or Afghanistan will be wrapped up by that point.)

Take it from Paul: That’s not what I meant

Note from Snee: Normally, you would find the ranting of a handsome man in this space. However, I’ve been offered the deal of a lifetime this week: selling my space this week to a Congressional candidate and taking the day off. See you next week, suckers!

Hi, I’m Rand Paul.

Some of you might know me because of my father, always-a-Senator-and-never-a-President Ron Paul. Others of you might know me from my practice as an ophthalmologist. (Whew! Thanks, Spell-Check!) And some of you might have already voted for me in the Republican primary and look forward to voting for me in the Kentucky general election.

Thank you for your support so far, but I’m not writing to you today.

Under the advisement of my new campaign manager, the talented and non-classically-attractive Rick Snee, I am writing in this SeriouslyGuys space to express some SeriouslyOpinions. (He assured me that his millions of readers would find this hilarious.) Continue reading Take it from Paul: That’s not what I meant

Fabulous news regarding DADT

After nearly two years of gay and lesbian advocates asking the Obama administration to repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” it appears that Congress will introduce a bill, possibly even this week.

President Barack Obama is reportedly on-board with the plan, albeit “grudgingly” because he didn’t plan to introduce anything until at earliest November, by which time he could find a way to support gays in the military without it sounding “so gay.” The President quickly added, “Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

President Obama’s hesitation is understandable since his first 18 months in office have been plagued with questions about his sexuality. There was Mustardgate when Obama ordered Dijon mustard for his burger. Or the knowing glances he got in response to asking Secretary of State Clinton if a tie brought out his eyes enough.

Even before his election, he was declared an ivory tower elitist, who pals around with terrorists … terrorists, who might be gay and hate straight people.

Should the amendment make it into defense authorization bill, the repeal would not take effect until after a study by the Joint Chiefs of Staff to ensure that the entire military won’t look gay … you know, except for the gays … who are valuable assets members contributors to national defense.

New record in nomination remorse set!

It took less than 24 hours for Rand Paul to throw away his party’s lock on one of Kentucky’s U.S. Senate seats.

In two separate interviews on NPR and “The Rachel Maddow Show” on Wednesday, the just elected Republican candidate for Senate questioned parts of the 1964 Civil Rights Act that forced privately-owned businesses to not be so openly racist.

(Examples of private businesses include taxis, power companies, gas stations, hospitals, banks and grocery stores. Just in case you’re confused.)

Mr. Paul clarified the remarks with a statement on Thursday, stating that he would not try to overturn the act. In addition, the National Republican Senatorial Committee tried to “help” by issuing a reminder in their statement that Southern Democrats opposed the bill back in 1964 … like Rand Paul? Is that what they’re saying?

We don’t often give advice to political candidates, so listen close:

SG Political Axiom #2
When someone asks if you–as an unelected candidate–support racial segregation, you’ve had 46 years to practice your answer: “No.” Don’t clarify. Don’t say it’s OK or unenforceable in certain situations. Don’t even say, “I’m opposed to segregation,” because that’s too many words. Just say, “No.”