Ghosts yearn for days of Broadway sensibility

Believe it or not, theatre (not to be confused with theaters, where the floors are only sticky with butter) is in a bit of trouble.

For some reason, Americans aren’t interested in live stage performances of movies they’ve already seen, like Legally Blonde, Les Miserables and Spider-Man.

The last in that list has already injured four people, three of which were “flying”-related.

This logically proves only one thing: Broadway ghosts have had enough of this Ice Capades s#@t, and they are not going to take it anymore.

The McBournie Minute: George Washington and muscle cars

This country has enemies–there’s no secret about that. But there is one enemy America has had as long as it has existed. I am speaking of course, about England.

Sure, we are now great allies and enjoy a special diplomatic relationship with our former mother country, but just like with a great friendship, everyone has their spats. For most of the world, it’s easy to hate the English, because they have colonized, waged war against, or simply subjugated for centuries.

So when the U.S. soccer team played England on Saturday, I, like so many other Americans, watched my first soccer game, and pretended I was excited about it. Continue reading The McBournie Minute: George Washington and muscle cars

U2 films concert movie for three ‘virgins’

Did you know that right now, somewhere on this planet, there are people who have not seen a U2 concert? Despite their appearance on every television program to date, including the Super Bowl, Dish Network free pay-per-view events, Saturday Night Live (a gazillion times), any news program about Bono and that one time on Friends, U2 has realized that there are some people who haven’t seen them perform the same songs they’ve played for over 20 years.

U2, thankfully, has filled this void with a 3D movie of a concert where they play–once again–the same songs they’ve played for over 20 years. Only this time, Bono’s stupid hat juts out at you.

So look out for U2 at a theater near you! Or at a concert hall. Or on television. Or at your neighbor Ricky’s Bar Mitzvah.