Broccoli coffee: Because you shouldn’t enjoy anything

If there’s one thing the Millennial haven’t ruined, it’s coffee. Although they have certainly tried. But here comes an earnest attempt to make the one good thing about mornings into something awful.

Researchers in Australia have come up with what they hope will be the next big trend: broccoli coffee. The Australian government teamed up with a private research group to come up with coffee brewed with broccoli powder to get people to eat their veggies, Vegemite notwithstanding. They make powder out of broccoli, and add it into the coffee and say it doesn’t taste that bad. Scientists say two spoonfuls of that crap is equal to a serving of vegetables.

Broccoli powder can be added into any drink, not just coffee. We give it a week before it ruins beer, too.

Vegemighty big problem

Vegemite is a hugely popular Australian food … spread … type thing. It’s like Nutella, only they don’t sell it here in the U.S. Well, Kraft Foods has gone and messed with a perfectly good thing.

They took Vegemite, added cream cheese to it, and held a naming contest for the new product. What did they come up with? Vegemite iSnack 2.0.

Cue sad muted trumpet.

Australians wouldn’t stand for it. So now they are trying another round of votes for a more acceptable name for the new product. This just shows you that Australia isn’t all fun and games, they have real issues to address.