The great fish robbery

You may have heard about the latest commodity to start getting stolen: copper. Yes, the copper market has skyrocketed as the metal has gotten more and more precious due to the rapid growth in China.

Hey hey hey! Come back! This isn’t about the copper market!

But it seems there is a new market with a product being worth more and more. When this happens, the product comes under danger for being stolen. That product is lobster. Over 200 lbs of live lobster were stolen in Florida, probably to be sold to another seafood restaurant.

However, this blog hopes they were not stolen by a so-called animal activist group. Those lobsters are dangerous and need to be exterminated, if they are eaten in the process, that just makes it even better.

The bees are still dedicated to their cause

Bees are among the most obviously dangerous enemies the common man can have. But as we have been reporting for the past year, bees have been mysteriously disappearing. For some reason, scientists wanted to find out why and they seem to think there is a bee parasite driving them away.

But now, after all this time, it seems there has been a more sinister reason for the bees’ disappearance. They have been offing themselves to keep from producing honey we depend on for so many foods, not to mention the pollination of fruits and vegetables. Haagen-Daz recently announced that their flavors could be taking a hit because of this crisis.

We finally know the horrible reason bees have been declining: they want to hurt us by taking away our ice cream.

Tech support can’t save Indian reptiles

If someone said to you, “I have a gharial,” you would probably ask if they needed to go to a hospital. However, a gharial is actually a rare crocodile-like reptile found in India, and as it turns out, they are the ones that need a hospital.

Over the weekend, about 50 gharials washed up dead and scientists in India are baffled at the moment. Meanwhile, animal lovers are worried about the animal, since there are an estimated 1,500 of them left in the wild.

This blog is read huge in India, approximately 0.001 percent of the population (4 million) read us there, so this blog has a feeling this was no “accidental” mass killing of a rare reptile. We would like to congratulate the brave warriors who have once again taken the fight back to the animals. Fifty down, 1,450 left to go!