Give a crap: it’s World Toilet Day

Ever since Nov. 19, 2001, the World Health Organization has celebrated World Toilet Day, which is shocking to The Guys. If there were four people on Earth that this holiday was clearly designed for, it’s us. And yet, we just learned about it today.

It’s not too late to lend a wiping hand, though (if you live in Mountain or Pacific time zones)! You can squat at noon to understand what it’s like for the billions of people who don’t have a potty to sit on.

Just think: over one-third of our planet’s population has never gotten Bryan School’s phone number or seen a swastika carved angrily into a stall. And God knows where they cruise for gay politicians.

It’s like the right hand and the left hand don’t know what either is doing

Yesterday, SeriouslyGuy’s very own Bryan McBournie stated that swine flu is exactly what the economy needs.

Global economic analysts would have you thinking otherwise.

We’ll stick with our guy, thank you. He’s more reliable — after all, he doesn’t have any pretentious abbreviations for spelling his name.