Texas in panic amidst “feral hog apocalypse”

As if living in Texas wasn’t bad enough, residents now have to be worried about feral pigs overrunning society as they know it. That’s not hyperbole, that’s the state government’s position.

The feral pig situation in Texas is so bad that state Agriculture Secretary Sid Miller cited concerns about a coming “feral hog apocalypse” as a reason to take drastic measures to fight off the swine. Miller approved the use of a pesticide to combat the exploding wild hog population. The decision has drawn criticism from hunters, but that’s probably because they want to see society collapse so they can live out their survivalist wet dreams.

And for the record, secretary, a pig-related end-of-the-world scenario is called an “aporkalypse.”

Wild hogs attempting to ruin Halloween

We at SeriouslyGuys are most assuredly on the side of Halloween. When else can we get away with buying lots of candy? That’s why we can’t stand it when some jerks are trying to ruin the holiday, whether it’s creepers putting razor blades in apples, dentists handing out toothbrushes or wild pigs.

That’s right, Florida continues to be a constant portent of the apocalypse, this time around with wild pigs running around. So far, the law can’t track all of them down and kids might come across a gang of these porcine street toughs (warning: autoplay). Don’t let Halloween be cancelled! Run out and get your pork barbecue tonight!

Pigs run wild in Atlanta

Atlanta might be thought of as a nice place to live these days. Aside from the odd chance of bumping into a real housewife, it’s a generally fun city. But now it might get turned into a war zone. (Again.)

A suburb of Atlanta is being overrun with wild pigs, so much so that the children are afraid to play outside. The really sad thing here is that feral pigs are apparently a problem in the more rural parts of Georgia, so much so that there are no restrictions on pig hunting season.

It might be time to go huny some bacon — and save children, too.