The older are still wiser

Because you turn to SG for High School Musical-related news (and everyone keeps ragging on me for it), we bring you a somewhat surprising story this morning: the High School Musical 3: Senior Year soundtrack was trounced in sales by AC/DC’s latest album, “Black Ice.”

The aging Aussies in short shorts debuted at #1 this week, selling their U.S. albums at only Wal-Mart and online. “Black Ice” sold over 780,000 copies, while High School Musical sold only 297,000. Clearly, the aging biker hard rock fan still has not been hit by the imminent recession, while the soccer mom has.

When reached for comment, Musical star Zac Efron said, “AC/DC? I know them from ‘Guitar Hero!'”

Eat My Sports: The 2008 Hurl Series

As a baseball fan, I am ashamed. I’ve squared with the fact that the season for the Red Sox just continues in March (otherwise known for some as “Spring Training”). However, this World Series has just become a joke. The umpires in this year’s edition obviously belong in the minors, Bud Selig is better served as a special PR consultant to Jose Canseco, and the whole state of Florida can eat my sports for this load of crap bandwagon for the Rays.

Last night’s game should NEVER have happened. MLB knew the forecast for Philadelphia waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay before the game even started. But networks run sports these days, and FOX, which is probably ready to shoot themselves over the ratings, needed a potential championship game. Which, being a media guy, I get to some degree. But on my end of things, it’s easy to be a purest/righteous when it has nothing at stake for me. But that’s exactly why I get to complain about it, so deal with it, commies. Continue reading Eat My Sports: The 2008 Hurl Series

Don’t call it a remake

The biggest headline in all news important to Bryan McBournie is this huuuge Hollywood announcement:

Zac Efron will be in the new Footloose!!!1!

The plan is to modernize the 80s classic to include (presumably) abstinence pledges, new songs by the Jonas Brothers and the Baptists — led by Kevin Bacon — successfully upholding their ban on all forms of dancing except choreographed numbers.

To those of you who bought tickets to High School Musical 3, effectively unleashing this miracle of film on us:

You suck.