Flushing the city’s troubles all away

Last week, Harare, a city in Zimbabwe, asked its home owner residents for a great favor. At approximately 7:30 pm on Wednesday evening, it was requested that they all flush their toilets at that time. Not before, not after, just simultaneously at 7:30 pm. It was hoped that by doing so, it’d clear the waste that’s been building up in sanitation facilities thanks to a drought.

Sadly, there’s been no word since the experiment. Was it successful? Has the city been overrun with a wave of filth?

Hope for the best, expect the crappiest.

Rogue nation: Zimbabwe

There was a time that we thought Zimbabwe was nice. That was during the 2008 Olympics when we found out they were pretty good swimmers. But like the Olympics, that time is over, and our love for the country with the funny name is extinguished.

The black rhino is almost extinct. We’re getting there, we really are. The media calls them poachers (but you know the saying, one man’s poacher is another man’s freedom fighter), and they are set on ending the black rhino threat. Yet Zimbabwe stubbornly refuses to allow our boys to finish the job. In fact, they are actually post armed guards around some of the rhinos.

Yes, you read that correctly, the rhinos have better security than arguably an Sub-Saharan politican.