Take it from Snee: We’re losing the 2010 war

There’s a war for our future going on right now.

It encompasses Afghanistan and Iraq, Russia and former members of the Eastern Bloc and even red and blue state alike (well, more blue state, really).

We are closer to returning to the Dark Ages than ever before, a time when years were referred to by the thousands. If we enter the next decade with the same mindset, everything we fought for the past 2,000 years will be for naught.

We talked about this before. Now it’s October, the beginning of the holiday season. As of midnight, January 1st, the pronunciation of 2010 and the fate of our children’s children will be settled.

And we’re already being dragged behind by notorious terrorist Roland Emmerich.

16 seconds in: “on the 21st of December, Two-thousand-twelve.”

Not only is Roland Emmerich making another disaster porn film about the end of the world, striking yet another blow against famous U.S. landmarks and average cinema quality ratings, but he’s also destroying the future that could be: the future that begins in “Twenty-Ten.”

Ham-fisted.Do you think Emmerich, master of ham-fisted emotional metaphors, would not intend his film’s world-ending apocalypse to illustrate the death of our own? He once killed aliens with a computer virus designed on a Macintosh by Jeff Goldblum. This is a man that hates you, PCs, aliens, H.G. Wells and bacteria.

You’re probably thinking, “Oh, it’s just a movie. It won’t harm anything.”

And you’re right. It’s just a movie.

A movie that was timed precisely with the holiday movie season as noted above. You know what’s happening on November 13? Nothing. It’s the lull before Thanksgiving weekend when you’re already thinking about travel plans and Christmas presents.

Fun Fact: The average human can only think two holidays in advance.

You can plan a Halloween costume and a Thanksgiving hypoallergenic alternative meal, but not what card to get for your coworkers for Christmas. You can plan Christmas travel and who to kiss on New Year’s, but not the Valentine’s Day present. You can plan where to drink for St. Patrick’s and what tree to plant for Arbor Day, but not decide whether you’ll visit the American Legion or VFW for Memorial Day.

But the seed’s been subconsciously planted because you’re not even thinking about New Year’s yet. Admit it: you haven’t even considered Christmas yet because we’re not past Halloween.

Then, pow! It’s New Year’s planning time (right after Thanksgiving’s over), and it’s too late. You’ve already heard it pronounced “two-thousand-twelve,” which means that–naturally–two-thousand-ten is just around the corner.

The future is in our hands, people.

If we allow the “two-thousand-ten” future to exist, then Roland Emmerich and the Mayans will be right, laughing as the world ends in 2012.

Or, with the technological advances that will occur in the two years following Twenty-Ten, we can defeat the 2012 prophesy and live in peace … until the robot apocalypse. (But that’s another story.)

This isn’t a time for complacency. It’s a time for correction. If you hear someone say “two-thousand-ten,” correct them. If you hear it spoken in the media, write a letter and send me the link. If you are reading this, you are the resistance.