Tattoo Discrimination Update: It’s on

On June 19, 2008, I wrote a post that made fun of people highlighted in a CNN article about being too tattooed to work in the United States. Some of you out there took offense. I hear you.

No, really: I hear you. I hear you in emails, in comments (new ones today), on the riverboats where I play high stakes video poker … I’m sick and tired of hearing you.

I even pretended to take your side on November 26, but nobody bought it. You got me: I was being funny again.

You keep telling me that you’re upset that I could be so discriminatory. Well, I think you’re all talk, Internet tattoo people.

In response to the latest bout of me-bashing in the threads (by a Christian, no less!), I’ve thrown down the gauntlet and issued a challenge:

If you can show me one (1) photograph that proves there is a non-tattooed prisoner on Death Row …

I will get a tattoo. And I will publish it on this site.

And on your web site, too, if you have one, proving to your friends how smart and influential you are (despite your ink).

I will seriously do this. So show me what you’re made of, painted ladies and gentlemen of the Internet.

Again, I am serious. That’s what I do: I’m a SeriouslyGuy.

Email all pics (like they exist!) to Make sure you tell me who’s in the picture and what they’re in for. I will also post this up on our Web site to show you bested me.

Note: Do NOT send me pictures of tattooed professionals or super-nice people, trying to prove that not everyone who has tattoos is evil. We all know there are a lot of stupid nice people out there, and tattoos are really popular right now. Just like Britney Spears.

22 thoughts on “Tattoo Discrimination Update: It’s on”

  1. @Bryan. you mean post-Death Row pics? now that’s just morbid… but it does bring up a point.

    @Rick. do we get to pick where you get the new ink? cause Crom thinks kindly on face tats.

  2. Good questions. No, the inmate doesn’t have to currently serve on Death Row, but the photo should be somewhat recent.

    Criminals used to be clean, decent folk who went a little wonky in the rape/murder department. I’d say it was somewhere around the 1980s that things went downhill, inmate body image-wise. (Probably the Carter administration’s fault.) So no earlier than 1980.

    If I lose this challenge (::eye roll::), I will accept designs as well as post up my own. I will then choose the design and get it *gulp* tattooed to me.

  3. Assuming you lose, where will your tattoo be located? It should be in a place that will be embarrassing. Somewhere you will be reminded of your loss in this challenge.
    My vote is for the lower back, just above the ass-crack…. give your boyfriend something nice to look at while he’s back there.

    Anyone second that?


    This may not show a full body picture Rick, but if you can prove that this man had a tattoo anywhere on his body I will thoroughly apologize. Good luck picking your tattoo. And, not a rundown Rick, but try to be nicer, education is such a pretty word and such a terrible thig to waste. Whe you use education to dismiss and hurt others you really are hurting yourself. While you might not care what others think about you, remember that it is only because of other people that you have a job and your precious education is worth anything. Including all that money you spent on it.

  5. The challenge was that *you* have to prove me wrong. You’re handing the cuffs to a criminal and saying, “Please drop yourself off at the local jail.”

    Yeah, I’ll get right on proving this guy had tattoos.

    (No, not really.)

    Since the tattooed Internet’s too lazy, I’ll make the rules simpler: I will accept a letter from a reliable source, like a prison warden. You don’t have to search for any photos or, god forbid, pick up a book. Just send an email, make a call, whatever.

    So far, all I can see is that I’m not wrong.

  6. Hey Rick, here’s a stupid question. How many people visit the local prisons? Not that many. And just to let you know Rick, I am an untattooed person. The only reason I entered this conversation in the first place is that I know discrimination is wrong. It is illegal to discriminate in the workplace for most cases such as sex, race, etc. Rick, I wish that more people would realize what really matters. And it’s not the ink, its not the skin color, it’s not even the gender of a person. It’s who they are, what choices they make, and what they leave behind. I sent you the last link to a site which gave a photograph and description of the prisoner as well as a summary of the crime committed. In my search I came across several sites (without photos) of Psychological research done in prisons that took into context, normal prisoners and prisoners on death row, both tattooed and UNTATTOOED. If you would like I can find that site again and send you a new link regarding this. Again, there are no pictures on this site

  7. I posted this on the original page, but to make sure you get it… Ted Bundy was put on death row and killed At 7:06 a.m. local time on January 24, 1989 by the state of Florida. He was responsible for an estimated 35 murders, however, he had no tattoos.

    Once you get your tattoo, are you going to lose your education (assuming you at least have a GED) and turn into a gangster?

  8. Well, A-bro (really?), they must let anyone into Ithica since you didn’t read the rules. (See this post and the other one you commented on.)

    Just because you can name Ted Bundy doesn’t satisfy the requirement for photographic or primary source evidence of an non-tattooed death row inmate.

    Hope you’re not planning on writing a thesis anytime soon.

    Seriously, though: if you have friends who named you A-bro, they must secretly hate you.

  9. HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA uh oh you’re mad.

    A) Learn how to spell Ithaca, you dumb fuck.

    B) Nobody calls me a-bro, it was simply a quick abbreviation of my name that I needed to make in order to post on this shitty website, you naive cunt.

    C) You’re obviously getting upset and frustrated because you know that I and a lot of others are correct.

    D) I wouldn’t want a little bitch like you getting a tattoo because it would ruin it for all of the cool people that already have one. Also, you would probably cry like a little pussy but then think you were a bad-ass for getting one, which you clearly are not. Tattoos are for those who are comfortable with their bodies, creative, artistic, open minded, independent, distict, and deep (not shallow like you). All of these characteristics do not describe you.

    PS. Go look up women on death row. I highly doubt that all of them have tattoos.
    I don’t care if you get a tattoo. I just want you to realize how dumb you sound when you make such an uneducated comment about individuals with tattoos, which clearly shows that you are prejudice. I thought we learned in grade school and by our families (if they brought us up correctly) not to judge people by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.
    -Cheers xoxo

  10. Not getting into the arguement here but some jails might not release that kind of information. I know tattoos are public images but at the same time wardens don’t even like certain Death Row inmates getting letters from loved ones.

    Good luck to everyone though, will be interesting to see how this pans out. I’m not putting my “tattoo” opinion on here as I don’t want to get cyber-lynched.

  11. people in my workplace have tats…and everyone of them are PUNKS. I hate ANYONE with ATATTOO. STUPID DUMB F**KS…EVER SEE A 90 YR OLD TATOO? GROSS!

  12. So if I get something signed by a justice of the peace, a mortician, a doctor, a police officer etc on a legalised and signed document with letterhead will you then shut the fuck up?

    It’s not that hard to find documents on the internet either guys. Some of you should start learning how to use search tools.

    I think a tattoo down your spine would be most proficient as they are also by far the most painful.

  13. I believe people need to stop judging others cause in the end you will be taken care of. And as for me I am 20 years old and have more tattoos than a lot of grown men and I have not come across anyone that has had any problem with me because of my tattoos. I am one of the nicest guys out there and I have an abundance of ink on my body.
    And as for your post of having sex with guys is okay. It is not even socially acceptable. People don’t get killed over a tattoo they get killed over the meaning. And homosexually get killed just for being gay.

  14. Dont dumbass employers do back round checks anymore!!!! find out whats the problem!! if the don’t hired you cuz u have a tattoo and no criminal record i think its a disgrace to america for not hiring somebody having a tattoo it should be the new discriminating law…. btw this is to Dere your probably some ugly fucking hunch back pos who hates tattoo ppl cuz ur loser ass dont have nothing better to do..

  15. Rick,
    You are a very sad and pathetic individual. Did you even acknowledge the comment that A-bro posted? Or were you too busy whipping yourself up into writing another hate-fueled, overblown and pretentious response that concerns people you don’t even know. Your blatant insecurities would suggest to me that anyone with half a brain, or someone that has at least taken Intro to Psychology, could see your overcompensation tactics a mile away. I am very sorry that you are such a overly miserable human being, and it is also regretful that you seem to take no notice of the fact that you have exhausted every possible logical, (and I use that term very loosely), fallacy in your argument, which leaves very little credibility.
    Here you are-,%20Joseph%20Bishop.pdf,%20Curtis%20Giova.pdf,%20Frederick.PDF

    You may want to consult the Scars/Marks/Tattoos Section for your reference, since prisons do not typically extend full-nude body shots of their prisoners, but I am sure you already know that…

    And, here is the main page for your citing enjoyment.

    If the purpose of the human life course was meant for enlightenment, you apparently have several more cycles to go.
    Try smiling once and a while.

  16. Thank you Ashley C. I was going to post something similar but you beat me to it! Rick, I do hope you now understand to research yourself before jumping to conclusions. Now it comes to the question of what your tattoo will be (doubting you will ever go through with it since you strike me as a spineless college student standing on an internet soapbox). Since you think all inmates have tattoos (which is untrue) you must get a tattoo that an inmate has….seems fair

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