The McBournie Minute: A bunch of bombs in the air

Let’s be fair, the national anthem is pretty tough. On top of that, it’s basically one really long question. One can blame Christina Aguilera (or C-Ag) for messing up the words right before the Super Bowl last night, but let’s face it, at least she wasn’t the Black Eyed Peas.

Sure, she is exactly why the commercials sucked and why two dudes with really bad facial hair were allowed to be quarterbacks, but Aguilera isn’t that bad. She just can’t sing the national anthem correctly, which is completely understandable, seeing as how it’s only something you hear every single sports gathering in this country.

For my money, Enrico Pallazzo did it best.

If you think about it, it’s kind of a messed up song anyway. Some dude was arrested by the British after they burned Washington, D.C., they threw him on a boat and headed up to Baltimore. There he had a front row seat to the unsuccessful British attack on the harbor.

We should also remember that Francis Scott Key only wrote the words to the national anthem, he didn’t put it to music. It was simply a poem he wrote to kill time while he was locked up on a ship with a bunch of limeys. The tune itself is an English drinking song.

Who is sitting around at pubs singing a song with a range like that? It also might be possible that the Brits sometimes forget the words to their drinking song, which probably talks about rain and the Queen and stuff like that.

So C-Ag, where ever you are, sure, you had one short song to sing on the biggest national stage of the year and you somehow managed to blow it, but don’t be too hard on yourself. It’s a tricky song, and the land of the brave forgives you.