The McBournie Minute: Bars are still fun

People at my last job in their forties told me that I would soon get tired of the bar scene–that after a few years of being able to drink, going to a bar would seem an unlikely and unnecessary choice. After being able to drink for nearly four years, I have found that the answer is yes and no.

When you get into the mode of trying to save cash whenever you can (especially if several of your selfish friends are planning to get married in the same year, and expect you to get hotel rooms and snazzy clothes for each of them), going to the bar doesn’t make any sense. Why would you want to go to a bar and pay much more for a drink you could pour yourself? On top of that, you have to tip the bartender. Don’t skimp on this, people. If you are too broke to tip, you are too broke to be at a bar.

And sure, it can seem fun to just hang out at home, maybe have a couple friends over to play cards or watch a movie. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about transportation. But sometimes, the fun part is the going out part.

Recently, my girlfriend and I went out to a couple bars in Adams Morgan, a Washington, D.C. neighborhood known for its trendy bars with loud music and high populations. The point of going out there was not to get drunk, it was instead to be out there and enjoy the experience of getting pushed around by a bunch of people trying to get by you. Personally, when it comes to bars, it’s not my first pick, but a change up is always welcome.

My ideal night at a bar would be something much less crowded–not to the point of dead, but enough that one can walk around comfortably and the music isn’t so loud as to prevent you from hearing the person next to you. Pool tables are nice, even though I am not very good, and drink specials are even better. Whether sitting at the bar or standing around all night talking with people, a night out at a bar, in my mind, should be a social and relaxing experience.

Also, if the bar is within walking distance of your apartment, that’s a winner.