The McBournie Minute: Honestly, who throws shoes anymore?

We are now in the waning days of the Bush administration and it appears no one is happier about that than President George Bush himself. He’s been taking time to dance with children, crack jokes in a less-smug manner and even visit some of the places he bombed one last time.

Yet, not everyone wants to play along with Nostalgia Fest 2008: Oh, The Places We Went. In fact, some places didn’t like their visitor a good measure more than they dislike the average tourist. Bush was speaking at a press conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri al-Maliki when an Iraqi journalist yelled at him and threw both his shoes at him. (Video of the disturbing attack here.)

This is yet another example of the liberal media. They throw shoes at Bush and shout insults at him when they should be taking notes and asking questions in an unbiased manner. Instead, they let their personal, left-wing convictions get in the way, and once again, professionalism takes a back seat. And don’t think that’s not a huge insult he was throwing at our president. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find shoes in Iraq, much less good ones?

Luckily, our lame duck president still has cat-like reflexes. He deftly ducked the first shoe, which was on line for somewhere near his head, and then bravely stood in the face of the second one, as al-Maliki blocked the flying footwear with his hand like he was playing goalie in a game of shoe soccer.

Where was the Secret Service when this was going on? Maybe I’ve just watched In the Line of Fire too many times, but I am truly saddened there was no agent leaping in slow motion yelling “NOOOOOOOOO!” as he takes a shoe for the president. I have no doubt that every reporter in that room was frisked, so the argument could be made that Secret Service agents felt they could hang back far enough, thus not being able to make it to the podium in time. Still, that’s no excuse. Someone get Clint Eastwood on this.

Bush said later that the shoe-throwing incident was not indicative of the popular opinion in Iraq, rather an isolated incident and meant to draw media attention. I can’t agree more, Mr. President. You are probably loved in Iraq, don’t let the haters get you down. Play on, playa. And that stupid, stupid media will just latch on to whatever oddly symbolic incident happens on your farewell tour.

Mr. President, you have just over a month left in office (not that anyone is counting or anything). I know I don’t speak for myself when I say that we will miss you when you leave. And with a tear in my eye, I say my hat, and my shoes, are off to you.

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  1. *finally* watched this. holy damn! bush is quick on his feet! how does a man who chokes on a pretzel dodge shoes hurled at the speed of curses?

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