There’s a complication behind implication

So, it seems that some people in the world find rape to be a pretty touchy subject. That’s understandable, what with the ickiness behind the act, the philosophies behind the meaning of it taking place and Ice-T’s lisp. Seriously, that’s one cop that hates the letter S. Nonetheless, it’s not that much of a stretch to say that the strong majority of people in existence find rape to fall on the bad side of the line.

So, it’s also understandable for people to be a wee bit upset when a judge utters the line that

sex was in the air

in regards to a sexual assault case he was presiding over after giving  a man accused of rape a two-year conditional sentence.

The judge pointed out the victim and her friend were dressed in tube tops, no bras, and high heels and noted they were wearing plenty of makeup.

We’re not going to say that the judge was making a legal precedent for “with the way she was dressed, she was asking for it,” mainly because we’re not lawyers. Or judges. But we will imply it!