They want to slow our progress

All seems to be fairly quiet right now in the War on Animals. This may be caused by the cold weather, sending our foes into a dormant state, or in some cases, hibernation.

However, in the warmer climates it doesn’t appear to be cold enough for the enemy to stop the fight altogether. In Florida, 20,000 bats have made the underside of twin bridges their home. They are delaying the construction on Interstate 95. While this is probably a passive attempt at slowing down our progress, this does mark a possible change in strategy. They are now going after our infrastructure, we have seen some examples of this in the recent past.

2 thoughts on “They want to slow our progress”

  1. They live in close-knit, dirty communities; don’t shave their entire bodies; screech and flap around; and now they’re staging a sit-in.

    It’s safe to say that bats are the new hippies. As a doctor, I prescribe fire hoses and tear gas.

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