This is the best headline that you will ever hear

Not yesterday. Not today. Not this week.


It’s bad enough being part of a shotgun wedding. It’s even worse when the person you’re to marry isn’t so much a person, but an animal. BUT.

But when you pass out before you can, so to speak, complete the wedding duties, and in front of a ton of onlookers? Well, we can understand the end results of the ceremony.

2 thoughts on “This is the best headline that you will ever hear”


    And then the villagers’ actions get clever.

    “As part of the ceremony, Alit’s victim and new bride was drowned in ocean.”

    1) They catch him.
    2) They force him into the humiliation of marrying the cow(for getting the “milk” free) in front of the everybody.
    3) They kill the cow thus making him a widow of bestiality.

    It really does “take a village”. Doesn’t it?

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