‘Why so many arms? The better to kill you with, my dear.’

Where I work, at times I’ve been privy to discussion about what animal is the smartest. Quickly, the dog is brought up as a nominee, and just as quickly, it’s shot down in lieu of the pig. At times, other people have brought up chimpanzees, gibbons, mockingbirds, kookaburras and even cats (which are simply more sadistic than intelligent, I say). Now, it would seem that there’s enough creature to add to the list: the octopus.

And it’s not just smart–it’s terrifying. Like a velociraptor.

Example: meet Otto. As an octopus at the Sea Star Aquarium in Germany, one would be excused to think that he wouldn’t be up to much trouble during the winter period of the year.


Otto has taken it upon himself to climb to the rim of his tank and knock out a light simply by squirting water at it. The reason being theorized? He’s annoyed at it. This is cause for alarm, people. The animals are clearly trying to move past their own boundaries. Germany, you need to wake up and smell the calamari (or, at least the theoretical essence of it). Who knows how long before he climbs out out of the tank and kills people simply because they “annoy him?” As SG friend Groonk said, they may be attempting to surpass our intelligence on an evolutionary scale. We cannot have that. This is a war, people, and it’s time to take some action.

(Credit to Groonk for the article link)

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