Woaaaaah sweet drink of mine

Let’s face it, folks, free soda is really, really important. Sure, the economy is in the outhouse, most of the world hates us and we’re still fighting two wars, but when it comes down to it, where the hell is my free soda?

Dr. Pepper promised it would give every American a free soda if Guns N’ Roses ever released its album “Chinese Democracy,” which was released this month. The release of the album was highly anticipated–a 17-year wait–because at times it looks as if democracy in China would happen before “Chinese Democracy.” The good doctor held firm to his promise, and for 24 hours, a coupon was available on the soda’s Web site. Which of course, crashed within a few hours because an overwhelming demand for something free.

Apparently, you really don’t want to make Dr. Pepper drinkers mad. GN’R is suing the soda because of all the negativity found online toward Axl Rose as a result of the promotion.

“When you go on the blogs and you read the responses from the fans, they associated Axl with this promotion … and blame him for the fact that they didn’t get their free soda,” said GN’R lawyer Laurie Soriano.

Really, lawyer dude? People are upset with Axl because they didn’t get a free 12 oz. can of sugar water? You don’t think it’s because your client not only made his fans wait until they were sending their kids off to college before releasing a new album? How about that the two singles released off of it are terrible, think that’s a reason?