Worst. Trade. EVER.

An idiot kid caused his middle school to be locked down this past week after bringing in a handgun. Not for stereotypical violent reasons, mind you. The boy had merely brought the firearm in to swap it for a PlayStation Portable. Clearly, the child isn’t exactly someone who’s readily aware of monetary value of items.

The boy nabbed the gun from his father’s collection, and brought it to Mason Middle School in Tacoma to trade with another kid. When I was his age, it was all about swapping POGs and the occasional basketball card. Okay, not so much POGS. No one liked those. I now have the delightful image of kids rifling through an armory like it was a deck of Pokémon Cards going, “Got, got, need, got, got, got need, need, got. I’ll swap yer .45 for my Winchester.”

The gun wasn’t loaded, but he did bring some ammo with him. The boy’s father also stated that a second gun had gone missing, and the school was locked down following rumors that it was floating around the campus somewhere. The boy himself is in juvenile detention.

Trying to trade a gun for a PSP? What a horrible deal.