You can now drink on the job

We’re here to announce the closure of this blog. Yes, 12 years after its founding, and eight years since the death of blogging, SeriouslyGuys is coming to an end.

Back when we started, The Guys were just some single dudes in their 20s without anything to hold them back in the world. Now we’re in our 30s and have families and all the associated bills that come along with responsibility. We’re slowly being beaten down in the long slog to conformity and then the grave.

Through the years we hope we’ve entertained you. We hope that you realized that there’s something wrong with Australia, that animals are out to get us, and that reading entire blog posts in pirate speak is miserable.

We want to thank you, the reader, for reading this. Thank you for following us, or even if just accidentally stumbled onto this blog thinking it was porn and quickly moved on. It’s been knowing assuming that you are someone is out there reading us that has kept us posting.

We thank you enjoy going through our archives, where you’ll find 10,762 posts with all sorts of dick jokes, rants and broken links to news stories. You can still follow us on Facebook, where we’ll post from time to time.

So long, and may you always have summer penis.