You Missed It: Hot air edition

How come you never ask me how I am doing or if I have any big plans for the weekend? Don’t you care about what I do? Aren’t we friends? You’re right, you’re right. You do care, you just don’t show it in the same ways as I do. I’m sorry I get so emotional, it’s just that I need you, dear reader, so much. Without you, my keyboard has no purpose. If you were busy looking at oncoming trains, odds are you missed it.

Up, up and a–wait a minute …
On Thursday, the world was captivated by the story of a 6-year old boy in Colorado has climbed into his father’s experimental balloon was was floating across the state. They boy was instead found hiding in the attic. The boy’s father, Richard Heene, denied accusations of the incident being a stunt, saying, “My family would never do such a thing. I mean, that’s as bad as going on a reality show or putting your kids in a rap video and posting it to YouTube. Who would do such a thing?”

Show us your twits
Speaking of balloons, conservative blogger Meghan McCain raised eyebrows this week when she tweeted about her quiet night in. She posted a picture of the book she was reading, but followers’ eye drifted toward her low cut top instead. Critics attacked her for the seemingly sexual picture, and McCain nearly canceled her Twitter account. In other news, conservative microbloggers are still waiting for a shot of Ann Coulter’s shriveled jack-o-lanterns.

All your data are belong to us
T-Mobile customers have had a rough time lately, particularly Sidekick users, who lost all their data in a disaster that is only now being fixed by Microsoft. Wait a minute–T Mobile still has customers? More importantly, when was the last time you saw anyone using a Sidekick?

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