SeriouslyGuys is a group of writers that met in college through drinking and making fun of everything. For some reason, we thought you might be entertained by what we come up with when navigating this internet.

The site originally launched on Blogger in March 2006. Our original intent was to link to funny news stories with snappy one-liners. Since then, we have moved on to our own site and expanded our operations into more news links, themes and individual features.

Weekly Features

Mondays: The McBournie Minute by Bryan McBournie
The McBournie Minute started as Bryan McBournie’s weekly humor column in Radford University’s newspaper, The Tartan. For four years, it was probably the most widely read column at RU. It received plenty of praise, hate mail and one protest outside of the Heth Student Center.

Tuesdays: Eat My Sports by Bryan Schools
Also a Tartan alum, Bryan Schools continues his work commentating on the latest happenstance in sports.

Wednesdays: Take it from Snee by Rick Snee
When McBournie graduated from RU, Rick Snee took over his gig as The Tartan‘s humor writer for two years. Take it from Snee is the continuation of that work and delivered every Hump Day.

Fridays: You Missed It by Bryan McBournie
McBournie closes out the week by recapping the important news stories you should know about. If you’re not reading Friday afternoons, you missed it.

Semi-regular Features

Ask Dr. Snee
Dr. Snee answers readers’ medical questions. His qualifications include high school and college biology (101 and 102), reading Men’s Health (2001-2003), and a systematic exposure to almost all health hazards (1981-present). Other than that, he’s opinionated and willing to tell you what to do with your cavities; you know you’ve needed someone to do that.

Kidz Korner
The world is a scary place for kids. We take a note from Fred Rogers in 1991 and use a conversational approach to explain things to children. Topics have included why guns can solve all their problems, how smoking will make them popular and the potential war with Iran.

From the SeriouslyGuys Vault
Unlike other news-related blogs, we’ve been around since the earliest days of preserved history. We ridiculed the latest cave paintings, were sued by Gutenberg for “borrowing” his printing press technology, tied up telegraph wires and got popcorn stains on the Movietone reels. This is the world’s history seen from the SeriouslyEye.

How To
Also known as the SeriouslyGuide, our How To feature is written in rotation, though mostly by Bryan McBournie and Rick Snee. It’s probably best not to follow any of the advice in this now occasional feature.