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Colo. strip club shows its Christmas spirit, among other things

To encourage Christmas spirit, the city of Federal Heights, Colorado held a contest to see which local business could put up the best light design. The Guys would like to congratulate this year’s winner: Platinum 84, a strip club!

The strip club has a light show fancy enough for the whole family, complete with an inflatable Santa on the roof, likely because he Mrs. Claus isn’t doing it for him anymore. Platinum 84 donated the $100 it won to local police charity, and donated another $500, likely in singles, to a city food bank.

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Invite a stripper into your home and you’ll never get her out

Folks, never let a stripper into your home. No matter how cute they are, no matter how much they beg, ignore them. They’re not domesticated. That’s exactly what one family in Los Angeles is finding out the hard way.

Two years ago, the family rented out a room in their house to a 26-year-old woman named Sara Rogers. She said she was a student working at a local strip club, and that didn’t set off any alarm bells for some reason. After the first year, the homeowners say Sara had friends move in and got cats, but the worst part was “the screaming, the spanking, the moaning.” There was also no rent paid for six months. She refused to move out.

Rogers served the family with a cease and desist order for harassment and stalking, and she even changed the locks on her room. The family agreed to pay Rogers $4,000 to get her out of the house.

So that went well.

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Grandma got offended by a stripper

According to Ms. Youngblood's attorney, the stripper wore white briefs, so it's possible that her trauma comes from witnessing a budget lapdance.
The stripper cost $250 and wore white briefs, so it’s possible that her trauma comes from witnessing a budget lapdance.

As the Baby Boomers age out of Nielsen demographics (it’s what they use to measure television ratings, ask your parents), they’re taking their talents to rest homes retirement communities. And among those talents? Hiring strippers to entertain themselves.

Unfortunately, the 16-member (nailed it!) resident committee at the East Neck Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in New York forgot that some of their fellow residents are less Cloris Leachman and more Dame Maggie Smith. And now 85-year-old resident Bernice Youngblood’s son is suing the facility for exposing her unwillingly to the “disgraceful sexual perversion” of a man gyrating in front of her.

The article doesn’t give an estimated monetary value to Ms. Youngblood’s emotional damage, so we can only hope that they sue the pants off of them.

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Baring your soul — and body — to Christ

In Central Virginia lies the town of Southampton. In Southampton lies the White Tail Chapel. In the White Tail Chapel lies a bunch of nude people on Sundays.


Pastor Allen Parker has completely gone in on the idea of preaching in the buff and some of his congregation has joined him. It’s not about getting sexy while in the presence of the Lord, though, as Parker and members of the church believes it’s about finding the peace within themselves and their own self-acceptance.

Also, nudists are rarely the people that you want to see in the nude.

Also, that’s a lot of stinky bare butts touching the pews.

White people sure do some crazy s#@^.

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Apparently cops are sexy in England

It seems like a cliché at this point, because it’s in movies all the time: a cop shows up at the door during a party and the person who answers mistakes the police officer for a stripper. Turns out, it happens in real life.

In England, a 27-year-old man and his friends had been drinking and getting rowdy in a pub when the police came in to investigate. (Because it’s England, and you have no rights.) The man took a female cop for a stripper and began dancing in front of her (because in England, you dance for the strippers) and slapping her with a bar towel.

The man was of course arrested, but refused to believe that she wasn’t a stripper until they arrived at the police station.

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Bikini baristas behind bars

To prevent any accidents at your workplace, we've helpfully photoshopped out any hot, wet boobies from this picture. (You're welcome.)
To prevent any accidents at your workplace, we’ve helpfully photoshopped out any hot, wet boobies from this picture. (You’re welcome.)

In a blow against coffee and titties, Everett, Washington police officers raided the Hillbilly Hotties coffee stand.

Three were arrested — one for lewd conduct and two others for violating the city’s adult entertainment laws.

Apparently there are workplace safety regulations that require wearing proper PPE before exposing breasts around hot coffee.

Thanks, Obama.

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Just because the government is shut down doesn’t mean the strip clubs are

Are you a federal employee? Have you been affected by the government shutdown? Do you like strip clubs? Deja Vu is here for you.

The strip club, with locations nationwide, has waived entrance fees to all government employees while the shutdown is in effect.

‘Deja Vu understands the need for government works to restore some normalcy to their lives,’ the club said in a statement.

If there are any government workers where normalcy involves the breasts of strippers being shook in their faces, please email SG. We’d love to hear your story. We’d also like to hear from the strippers as well that shake their breasts in the faces of government workers in order to bring back normalcy into their lives.

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Your tips just aren’t enough

The next time you step in to a gentleman’s club, you need not worry that the ladies are not fully compensated for their talents — on top of tips from the audience.

A federal judge in New York has ruled that a nearby strip club must pay its dancers minimum wage, because they are people, and work for tips. Like all of the waiters and bartenders you ignore. This is a big step for the dancers, and this could end up being a nationwide thing if it goes far enough.

They are even fighting for this in Grand Junction (heh), Colorado. The lawyers in these cases must have to apologize to the court for the body glitter on the filings.

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People like getting mail but not mail sand

It’s a fact: if you have a strip club, promotion is key. Sometimes, the more unique your approach, the better. Sometimes, the more unique your approach, the odder to understand.

Sending sand in the mail definitely falls in the latter category. Actually, scratch that. It falls into a category of its own: Nnnnnnnnnhhhhh.

The Baltimore chapter of Scores decided to have an end of summer luau. Why not? Luaus are awesome and if the leis are removed, then even better! To promote the event, the club mailed invitations covered in craft store sand to those on their mailing list.

Craft store sand is very particulate-esque and white. You know what’s also white and scares people when it comes in the mail?