Time travel challenge accepted!

Two weeks ago, SeriouslyGuys issued a challenge to time travelers in a Take it from Snee Lightning Round:

“I like to imagine Hitler’s final days being in a bunker not (just) because of the Russians, but because a future Web site launches a time traveling contest to see who can kill him the most creatively. To claim the prize, your presubmitted demise must make the newspapers afterwards. Making it look like a suicide doesn’t count.

(Did I just launch this contest back in 2010? Perhaps, if you’re thinking fourth dimensionally!)”

We already have an entry.

Unfortunately, the evidence is from 1923, not 1945, so it’s clearly not an attempt on Hitler’s life with  a rolled-up iPad–

UNLESS! Unless she’s actually trying to kill him before he becomes a nuisance! Quick, check History’s This Day In History! Is there an entry for World War II?

Nevermind. Look, eager young time cadets: if you’re not going to take this seriously, then we’re just going to start railing against time travel again. Now quit star-f@%king, and start star-bludgeoning!

(With special thanks to Mr. Groonk.)

Bollywood? More like Boring-wood, am I right?

Need some money? Then head on over to New Delhi, where you might be selected to watch a movie.

Ram Gopal Varma, director of surprise Bollywood horror hit, Phoonk, has made a sequel to said movie: Phoonk 2. Yes, we know, it’s quite original, though SG is more than a little disappointed that it was not named Phoonky instead. Nonetheless, Varma has issued a challenge: he will give 500,00 rupees (just over $10,000) to whoever can watch Phoonk 2 alone in a movie theater until the closing credits.

Is that a serious challenge? I personally can’t say, mainly because I never saw Phoonk. Then again, Bollywood is only just recently (within the past decade or so) beginning to have a horror arm to their movie world. The movies that they have had so far haven’t exactly rocked my socks. To be honest, the last Bollywood movie I saw involved a dancing Superman. Yeah.

Of course, if anyone would like to help a poor and beleaguered soul with watching a copy of Phoonk, well, my email address is attached to this article.

Take it from Snee: There’s no challenge here

This week, I’m gonna do something a little different. Rather than just spout off about the news, I’m going to give you, the readers, a chance to hang up here in the white space of the column with the big dogs.

On December 18, 2009, I issued a challenge to those of you who were angry at my article, “Tattoo discrimination? In the U.S.?!” The rules were simple:

1) If you can show me one (1) photograph that proves there is a non-tattooed prisoner on Death Row, I will get a tattoo, and I will publish it on this site and on yours.

2) The inmate doesn’t have to currently serve on Death Row, but the photo should be somewhat recent, no earlier than 1980. (In other words, don’t bother submitting clean-cut Depression-era murderers and rapists.)

That proved too hard for you. It’s OK; your tattoos probably got you rejected from all of the good schools (::eye roll::).

So, I simplified the rules:

3) I will accept a letter from a reliable source, like from a prison warden or coroner, in lieu of a photograph.

After that simplification — where one would only need to visit, write, call, or email a prison — you would think that someone, anyone, among you sad souls would follow through on this.

Instead, I received this: Continue reading Take it from Snee: There’s no challenge here

Tattoo Discrimination Update: It’s on

On June 19, 2008, I wrote a post that made fun of people highlighted in a CNN article about being too tattooed to work in the United States. Some of you out there took offense. I hear you.

No, really: I hear you. I hear you in emails, in comments (new ones today), on the riverboats where I play high stakes video poker … I’m sick and tired of hearing you.

I even pretended to take your side on November 26, but nobody bought it. You got me: I was being funny again.

You keep telling me that you’re upset that I could be so discriminatory. Well, I think you’re all talk, Internet tattoo people.

In response to the latest bout of me-bashing in the threads (by a Christian, no less!), I’ve thrown down the gauntlet and issued a challenge:

If you can show me one (1) photograph that proves there is a non-tattooed prisoner on Death Row …

I will get a tattoo. And I will publish it on this site.

And on your web site, too, if you have one, proving to your friends how smart and influential you are (despite your ink).

I will seriously do this. So show me what you’re made of, painted ladies and gentlemen of the Internet.

Again, I am serious. That’s what I do: I’m a SeriouslyGuy.

Email all pics (like they exist!) to rick.snee@seriouslyguys.com. Make sure you tell me who’s in the picture and what they’re in for. I will also post this up on our Web site to show you bested me.

Note: Do NOT send me pictures of tattooed professionals or super-nice people, trying to prove that not everyone who has tattoos is evil. We all know there are a lot of stupid nice people out there, and tattoos are really popular right now. Just like Britney Spears.